Friday, August 01, 2008

"I've had a rough one" aka I wish I was still in preschool

Through all of this craziness, my family has been great. Farmboy has taken over the last bottle of the evening and has poured glasses of wine without even being asked. Lora makes me happy with each gummy grin she sends my way...But Kelly has been the absolute best. I love to hear her stories at the end of the day- stories from daycare.

The day we found out about the possible lay offs, I was very low. I went home a little early and started dinner. I cried and cried...tried to get it all out before the kids got home. BUT- when they walked through the door, I was a weeping crumpled up mess on the kitchen floor. Kelly came up to me, crawled into my lap, and sighed. She put her grubby little hand to her forehead and wiped away sweat. Then she said, "Mom, looks like you've had a rough one...I've had a rough one too!" I laughed and asked her what happened.

Apparently, she had a fight with a boy at school. He said she couldn't sing the Little Einsteins song, and she shouldn't watch it. That is his show. Kelly, being the princess that she is, told him to back off. He couldn't tell her what to do. Then, I heard they both visited not nice (time out). Next the class went to the park, and to her astonishment, Kelly had to hold the boy's hand (story sounds rough doesn't it). They played together, arguing the whole time I am sure, but not walking away from each other. They had to hold hands on the way back to school. Then the class went swimming- Einsteins forgotten. Sounds like an average toddler story... but the dramatic way in which she told the story was priceless. Lots of hands on hips and scowling faces- you could almost see the tiara on her little head. I had to smile. I was like that when I was little- a grand story teller...except I was shy. I wouldn't have fought with the little boy. I am so proud of her for standing up for herself...even prouder that she and the boy are still friends.

She made me feel better for sure. It made me think about what was going on around me... I am healthy. I have great kids (also healthy). I have Farmboy. I had to think how lucky I am to have such a great support team. (Thanks family!) Maybe things won't be so bad if I get laid off. It's only a job, right?

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