Friday, August 29, 2008

Because I am the MOMMY!

Guess what? There is a new rule at daycare. Potty words can only be used when you're in the potty. My little dictator has decided that it should be implemented at home, too. Should be an easy enough task if you didn't live with Farmboy- King of toilet humor. As soon as Kelly could grasp things, he taught her how to pull his finger. When she started speaking, he taught her about "barking spiders." He sings about pottying all of the time. I'll admit it. It makes me laugh, too, but don't tell him that!

You ask, "What constitutes a potty word?" Well- the obvious: poop, fart, pee pee, butt, etc... and other derivatives: doody, toot, tinkle, tushy, etc... The rule went into effect on Monday. I've broken it a million times by now. Of course, Kelly caught me everytime. I didn't realize how many times a day I've told her to move her little tushy, or asked Lora if she had "pee pee pants" instead of a wet diaper. If I wasn't the mom, I'd still be sitting in timeout (sounds kind of good doesn't it?).

Here's my question... what do you do when you get called out after you've broken a rule? I don't think I'll get away with "because I'm the mommy" forever, or can I?

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