Monday, July 28, 2008

I love my daycare, I love it not....

I absolutely adore our daycare. The women are fantastic...the kids are fantastic...the parents are fantastic. Husband works in the same building. He can stop by and visit them. My girls love going to "school."I couldn't ask for anything more....except for maybe- oh..... i don't know- less disease!!!! Yes, I have the daycare plague! UGH!

I take my vitamins. I watch what I eat. I walk every other day...yet I always seem to catch the latest daycare malady. I am a germ magnet apparently. It's insane! The baby brought it home with her. I helped her get over it...your average stuffy nose and cough. She paid me back by sharing her germs. So far this summer we have had the flu, pink eye, ear infections, and colds. I am extremely grateful that no one contracted any thing serious, but I do wish that I didn't catch these things, too. (well- I caught everything but the ear infections)

Oh well, c'est la vie! right?

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